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Located in the out skirsts of Havanna, the National Zoo in Cuba is divided in two parts next to the Ecology and Sysematic Cuban Institute. The surface area of the zoo is 340 hectares and covered of forested areas. The geographical area is of different types enabling various climatic conditions to prevail and therefore catering for many types of animals. It is where the Cuban bird fauna made up of more than 130 can be admired. It is also, where many migratory birds come every year to stop over on their routes.

The CubanNational Zoo differs from the others round the world. It is similar to step in the African savanna for a safari. Its animals, those that are not dangerous, are allowed to move freely out of fences and live harmoniously in community. With the different types of weather and climate, various types of animals adapt easily to their natural habitat recreated to match their origin one.

In the zoo, scientific investigations are also carried out on the different species specially those that are in danger of extintion. They are srutinizedand their mode of their eating and living habits, reproduction, breeding are recorded. This allows the scientists to study their life while giving them the necessary veterinaty attention to preserve the specy in danger.

The staff working, veterinary and nurses of the zoo are trained adequate training by the National Polytechnic Institute on Exotic and Wild Fauna. They also beneficiate from exchange programs with countries like Germany, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, Mexico, United States, United kingdom Spain amongst others all of which are lined up in the battle for the preservation of animal life on the planet.

The National Zoo of Cuba is a must for every visitor. Strolling the Cuban National Zoo is like being on a safari. It is not only limited to watching the birds or the other animals whether they are endemic or exotic. Many interesting interactive activities are proposed to make the visit not only enjoyable but also educational. The visit enhances the visitors’ understanding of the animals lifestyle as well as the importance of its preservation for the life itself. There are also games, conferences about the animals and also audio visual films that unable the visitor to get out of the zoo much more knowledgeable than where s/he entered it.

The most exiting and popular spot in the zoo is the lion’s pits. In this region is recreated a little part of Africa, the original habitat of the king of the jungle with high and dense trees and big stones as well as caves. The same thing has been done for the hippopotamus giraffe, zebras, antelopes, elehants and various types of animals that liveon the African continent.

The zoo has many functions.Through recreational activities; it educates the visitors about native exotic fauna and fauna bred in captivity while providing an exhibition for Cuba and foreign fauna and proceeding investigations on the endangered species.





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