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Passports for visitors coming to Cuba should be at least valid six months after the departure date from Cuba by all nationals without a diplomatic representation in Cuba.

Those from Cuban origin, nationals of other countries, must travel with a Cuban passport if they left the country after 1970.

In general all visitors coming to Cuba need a tourist visa card or a Cuban visa which allows them to stay in the country thirty days. Those not in need of visas are: nationals whose countries have signed visa exemption agreements with Cuba and those in transit and continuing  their trip to a third land within seventy two hours providing onward tickets and fifty dollars per day.

The application for a visa or tourist card to visit Cuba should be done over the Cuban consulate or Embassy of your country.

Usually one working day is required for a tourist visa card, forty eight hours for a tourist visa, business and family visa requires seventy two hours and a journalist visa needs six weeks.

A tourist visa card cost 26 US$ and all other different visas cost 55 US$.




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