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Vinales, located in the province of Pinar del Rio, in the western part of Cuba, 180 km of Havana, shelters the most beautiful luxuriant landscapes of Cuba. Vinales one of the many valleys of the Cordilla del Organos and Sierra del Rosario is a god blessed region. From the lush flat surfaced valley erects rounded tops mountains, the ‘Mogotes’ and the limestone cliffs with at their foot little farm stations giving a special touch to this particular place. The first settlers were the taino, the ciboney, the slaves and last the tobacco growers from the Canary Islands. In the year 1871, Don Andrés Hernández Ramos built the first ranch of Vinales. Vinales with a population of approximately 28,000 inhabitants has an agricultural based economy. The land of Vinales, red in some areas and sandy at others is fertile .Fruits crops, vegetables, coffee and tobacco abound. Ecological agriculture with organic or semi organic manure along with traditional techniques are used in the plantations. Visiting Vinales, the Museo the Museo Municipal, Casa de Caridad Botanical Gardens, Museo Paleontológico, Palenque (a Maroon village) and the nearby caves (Cueva del Indio, Cueva de José Miguel, Cueva de Santo Tomás) in Valle de Viñales National Park are a must.



Cuba Vinales


Cuba Vinales


Cuba Vinales


Cuba Botanical Garden


Botanical Garden


Cuba Caves


 Cuba Caves


Cuba Provinces


 Cuba Provinces


Cuba Cueva de Jose Michel


Cueva de Jose Michel


Cuba Cueva del Indio


Cueva del Indio


Cuba Endangered Trees


Endangered Trees


Cuba Farmer


Cuba Farmer


Cuba Gorges Vinales


Gorges Vinales


Cuba Inside the Caves


Inside the Caves


Cuba Three Mountain Ranges


Three Mountain Ranges


Cuba Tobacco Field


Tobacco Field


Cuba Valley Vinales

Valley Vinales


Cuba Vinales Village

Vinales Village


Cuba Agriculture in Vinales

Agriculture in Vinales







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