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Vinales Valley, situated in the Province of Pinar del Rio hides the most beautiful sceneries of Cuba. Viñales Valley, known as Valle de Viñales in Spanish part of the Sierra de los Organos , has a surface area of 132 kilometer square. The Viñales Valley is a region of a rich biodiversity. In its land inhabits the many endemic plants and animals of Cuba. The colorful birds like the Cuban trogon in the royal palm trees nest while the passerine sings its melodious symphony in the pine trees over the slopes of the Mogotes and knolls. Deep in the Vińales Valley green on the flat surfaced land, fields of tobacco, coffee and other crops flourish out of the rich red soil. Traditional farming techniques like oxen-ploughing are still being used for land preparation. In this part of the world, an ecological agriculture with bio fertilizers, green manure, pasture and crop rotations, polyculture, soil conservation is practiced to maximize harvest. Across the country side rustic barns made of palm barks as frames with triangular thatched roofs of palm leaves are scattered. A haven in the sunny days for the peasant farmers and storage area for tobacco leaves and tools, they give to Viñales Valley its rural touch.



Cuba Valley Vinales


Cuba Vinales


Cuba Vinales


Cuba Botanical Garden


Botanical Garden


Cuba Caves


 Cuba Caves


Cuba Provinces


 Cuba Provinces


Cuba Cueva de Jose Michel


Cueva de Jose Michel


Cuba Cueva del Indio


Cueva del Indio


Cuba Endangered Trees


Endangered Trees


Cuba Farmer


Cuba Farmer


Cuba Gorges Vinales


Gorges Vinales


Cuba Inside the Caves


Inside the Caves


Cuba Three Mountain Ranges


Three Mountain Ranges


Cuba Tobacco Field


Tobacco Field


Cuba Valley Vinales

Valley Vinales


Cuba Vinales Village

Vinales Village


Cuba Agriculture in Vinales

Agriculture in Vinales







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