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In Vinales valley, Pinar del Rio, western Cuba, life centres on the growing of tobacco. Tobacco growing is the lifeblood of the region; farmers still use the old-fashioned farming methods to grow tobacco in the valley. The latter came from the Canary Islands around 1800, they instigated the cultivation of tobacco across the region. Now, the descendants of the farmers together with that of the Guanatabajey Amerindians and slaves look after the green tobacco fields also known as Vulelta Abajo. Two hundred years after its dawn, tobacco remains the main crop in Vinales valley, with a yield of approximately 661,000 quintals yearly. Traditional knowledge passed on through generation of farmers and great patience makes the plantation of tobacco a success in the Vinales Valley. Harvest time of the tobacco leaves is significant in determining the acidity sourness and waste product. The leaves plucked are stored in the rustic barns waiting to be sorted out the best ones are sent to Havana, where ‘torcedores’ and ‘anilladores’ workers in the cigar factory handroll them into cigars. In this secluded heaven like place flanked with the ‘mogotes’ and limestones cones, the brand names cigars packed in cedar wood boxes emerge to conquer the whole world.



Cuba Tobacco Field


Cuba Vinales


Cuba Vinales


Cuba Botanical Garden


Botanical Garden


Cuba Caves


 Cuba Caves


Cuba Provinces


 Cuba Provinces


Cuba Cueva de Jose Michel


Cueva de Jose Michel


Cuba Cueva del Indio


Cueva del Indio


Cuba Endangered Trees


Endangered Trees


Cuba Farmer


Cuba Farmer


Cuba Gorges Vinales


Gorges Vinales


Cuba Inside the Caves


Inside the Caves


Cuba Three Mountain Ranges


Three Mountain Ranges


Cuba Tobacco Field


Tobacco Field


Cuba Valley Vinales

Valley Vinales


Cuba Vinales Village

Vinales Village


Cuba Agriculture in Vinales

Agriculture in Vinales







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