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Vinales’ Caves are the remnants of the Jurassic period. The karstic features of the caves have made it the habitat of many species. In the Cuban caves there are 45 varieties of aquatic invertebrates and 30 of terrestrial ones. There are three types of cave animals the troglobytes, trocophiles, and trogloxenes. Troglobytes are cave dwellers. All of their life cycle is spent in the caves. The troglophiles are living organisms who like living in caves as long as there is enough food for them. The Trogloxenes are those species that live in caves for only a moment in their lifespan. Among the animals are the bat, the Pteronotus Macleayii or mustached bat and the Phyllonycteispoeyi bat (the Pollen feeding bat) and the butterfly bat one of the smallest bats in the world and the beetle. An example of the aquatic animals that has adapted to cave life is the Ludifuga fish of which there are 4 species. This fish has no eyes and has lost their pigmentation. However, many human beings too have dwelled within its walls at different times in history using it for different purposes. The Guanajatabey Amerindians, the taino, the ciboneys(siboneys) as well as the marooned slaves used it for different purposes. If the primitive people used the caves as shelter from the bad weather and wild animals for the more evolved ones it was a burial or sacred places. The Indian bones discovered in the Cueva del Indio and pictograms on the walls testify of their presence in the caves. A haven where one finds peace this was the case of the slaves. In the subterranean gallery of 45 kilometres of Cueva San Tomas and Cueva del Indio, the marooned slaves lived fleeing from the the bat, the Pteronotus Macleayii,hardship of the colonialist masters. Within the different chambers of the caves, they practiced subsistence farming.



Cuba Inside the Caves


Cuba Vinales


Cuba Vinales


Cuba Botanical Garden


Botanical Garden


Cuba Caves


 Cuba Caves


Cuba Provinces


 Cuba Provinces


Cuba Cueva de Jose Michel


Cueva de Jose Michel


Cuba Cueva del Indio


Cueva del Indio


Cuba Endangered Trees


Endangered Trees


Cuba Farmer


Cuba Farmer


Cuba Gorges Vinales


Gorges Vinales


Cuba Inside the Caves


Inside the Caves


Cuba Three Mountain Ranges


Three Mountain Ranges


Cuba Tobacco Field


Tobacco Field


Cuba Valley Vinales

Valley Vinales


Cuba Vinales Village

Vinales Village


Cuba Agriculture in Vinales

Agriculture in Vinales







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