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Everywhere in the landscape of Pinar del Rio, palm trees tower all vegetation welcoming every one and giving shade on the hot sunny days. Standing majestically, they are the deity well revered by the local people practicing animalism. However, out of 100 species, 14 are in danger of extinction. Alone in the province of Pinar, the Colpothrinax wrightii, Copernicia brittonorum, Copernicia fallensis, coccothrinax crinita are endangered species. With the difficult economic situations, the inhabitants were forced cut the wood to use as fuel. Every part of the palm tree is used; the fruit is used as animal feed, the palm leaves thatched to become roofs to ‘bohios’ or houses and their trunks the frames of these habitation. An overexploitation of the forest resources led to an ecological imbalance. Their habitat being destroyed, some species came on the verge of extinction, as it was difficult for them to regenerate. A plan was essential to redress the ecological balance. Educational campaigns, propagation of the plants as well as reintroduction of the endangered flora were launched. The goal is now to replenish the forest where lived more endemic plants and creatures than today.



Cuba Endangered Trees


Cuba Vinales


Cuba Vinales


Cuba Botanical Garden


Botanical Garden


Cuba Caves


 Cuba Caves


Cuba Provinces


 Cuba Provinces


Cuba Cueva de Jose Michel


Cueva de Jose Michel


Cuba Cueva del Indio


Cueva del Indio


Cuba Endangered Trees


Endangered Trees


Cuba Farmer


Cuba Farmer


Cuba Gorges Vinales


Gorges Vinales


Cuba Inside the Caves


Inside the Caves


Cuba Three Mountain Ranges


Three Mountain Ranges


Cuba Tobacco Field


Tobacco Field


Cuba Valley Vinales

Valley Vinales


Cuba Vinales Village

Vinales Village


Cuba Agriculture in Vinales

Agriculture in Vinales







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