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Of all the provinces in Cuba, Pinar del Rio, named Pinar by the locals, situated in the western tip of the island has the most beautiful landscapes in Cuba. The Sierra del Rosario and Sierra de los Organos which forms part of the Cordilla das Guaniguanico together with the ‘mogotes’, knolls and limestones cones overlook the province. The scenery with scattered the ‘bohios’ barns made of palm trees leaves and trunks give to the country side a Cuban rustic touch. The province can boast itself to be home to many of the indigenous plants and animals. Travelling in the Province of Pinar, the ceiba palm tree, deity venerated by the animalist religious group of indigenous and African descent, is an oasis giving the people of rural Cuba their protection. From the top of the ‘mogotes’, the ploughed lands, of the different shades of red, contrasts with the green vegetation flourishing in the valley. The coffee, tobacco, yucca plantations, the vegetables and fruit trees keep the farmers of the region always busy. From dawn to dusk they look after their product with evident pride self satisfied of all their labours. Across Pinar del Rio, different types of houses are visible. In the villages one storey wooden houses with porches of various and triangular roofs are build; in the country side, the ‘bohios’, but an indigenous and traditional way of building houses are still being used. Some of the people build their houses on piles above water.



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Cuba Farmer


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