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Varadero is located in Cuba in the province of Matanzas. Varadero is a very famous and popular resort town in Cuban. The place is well known by the Cuban who like to spend their holidays there and there is also a large number of tourist in the area. Varadero is located on the Hicacos Penininsula, you will discover at the north eastern part of the peninsula a nature reserve covered of virgin forests. In this part there are also nice beaches. In these virgin forests you will find very old grown trees, giant cactus and large dead trees. The trees found in these virgin forests in Varadero, Cuba can be very old in age; some of them can be over hundred years of age. Avirgin forest is also known as an ancient forest, an old growth forest, primary forest or late seral forest. Cuba is a unique place, your vacation in this island will be for sure very interesting.



Cuba Virgin Forests in Varadero





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