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When being in Varadero you can visit the Josone Park Varadero is located in the province of Matanzas and is a very poplar place in Cuba and in the Caribbean. The Josone Park is on nine hectares of land, it is almost located in the middle of Varadero. The park consist of a big mansion constructed in stone, an artificial lake, bar and dining. In fact the park was designed to be a country retreat; the constructed was finished in 1942. The Josone Park is an interesting place to visit with the family it has also a party hall for children and a swimming pool. The place can also be rented for banquets, parties or business dinners. The name of the park derives from the first owners of the place who were Jose and Onelia, the first three letters of each name has been used to form the name of Josone Park. So while being in Varedo do not miss to spend a day in this wonderful place.



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