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This is a beautiful picture of the beach of Varadero. You can observe the sunset on the beach through these palm trees. Varadero is located in the beautiful island of Cuba, in the Caribbean. Varadero is a town located in the province of Matanzas. Varadero is in Cuba a very famous and popular resort town and is also one of the largest well known resorts in the Caribbean. Varadero is also known under the name of Playa Azul which means blue beach. At first Varadero was a national tourist area, the area started to be visited by the Cuban in 1872. It was only around the 1930 that it became international and popular. Most of the tourist visiting Cuba will of course also visit Varadero, where nice hotels are found. Matanzas is one of the fourteen provinces of Cuba where is found the town of Varadero, the capital city of Cuba is Havana. Varadero is also an area which is a lot visited the Cuban themselves for those who do not go away from Cuba during their holidays; it is a great place to spend relaxed vacations.



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