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Varadero is a very famous place in Cuba and very popular. For those who like eco-tourism, they will be more than happy to visit Varadero. The visitors will be able to discover beautiful nature reserve in this magnificent place. There is in Varadero a lot of things to do and to see. Varadero is located in the province of Matanzas in Cuba. There are also museums, caves, art galleries that can be visited in this area. Varadero is a very popular place in the Caribbean. The area has beautiful sandy beaches and luxury hotels. If you want to have a stay in Varadero, it will only be possible in a hotel as there is no casa particulares in Varadero. It is just because the Cuban government does not allow the population of Varadero to do so as in other cities and town of Cuba. But of course if you search for a casa particulares you will find but it will be at your own risk, if the Cuban police find out that a tourist is residing in a casa particulares in Varedero, the police will put him out on the streets and the owner will be in big difficulties. So you better find a place in hotel and spend a relax holiday.



Cuba Nature Reserve in Varadero





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