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Matanzas is the capital city of the province of Matanzas located in Cuba. The capital city has a population of over one hundred thousand. In Spanish the word Matanzas means mass murder, it is not a nice name for a city. It is thought that may be the name of the city could derive from the killing of cows in large number during a certain period or from the Spaniards who killed a large number of Indians residing in the area at this time. But it is only a supposition. Matanzas city has been founded in 1693 and is also known as Cuban Venice or Athens of Cuba. Matanzas is a quite important city in Cuba, Danzonete and The Danzon which is the national dance of Cuba comes also from Matanzas. There is a large number of attractions in the province of Matanzas, in its capital city and the surrounding villages.



Cuba Matanzas Capital City





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