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This is the typical architecture that visitors will see while walking in Trinidad streets and other cities of Cuba. The houses are very colourful in Cuba with spectacular roof tiled. Trinidad is a popular city and a lot visited by tourist for its colonial architecture with buildings which have been constructed in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Trinidad has four main churches and five main squares; one of the popular squares is the Main Square. The largest church is found in the city of Trinidad which is the Cathedral Iglesia Parroquial de la Santisima Trinidad. The Great Parish Church is also well known and was founded in 1892. Trinidad is also popular for its museums as the Museum of Architecture of the Romantic Museum. There is also a mansion that is well known in Trinidad is the Canchancharas which has been in 1723. In this mansion visitors can buy drinks which are typically from the city and also souvenirs to bring back home.



Cuba Typical House Architecture





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