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While visiting the beautiful city of Cuba, Trinidad, visitors will often see tricycles driven in the streets of the city. The tricycle is a common way of transport in Cuba. Sometimes are also seen horses or ox cart. Cuba is a country which is unique for everything. On the above picture it is one of the main streets of Trinidad where you can a lot of people shopping and tourists walking around. Trinidad as many of the other cities of Cuba has a lot of colorful buildings with tiled roofs. The city of Trinidad is located in the province of Sancti Spiritus with has as capital city Sancti Spiritus. The capital city has a population of around one hundred thousand. Sancti Spiritus has been founded in 1514 as many other cities of Cuba. Sancti Spiritus does receive as much as tourist as Trinidad which is much more popular, but the city has numerous historical sites. For those who like churches, they can have a visit to the Iglesia Parroquial Mayor Del Sancti Spiritus which one of the oldest churches of Cuba.



Cuba Tricycle in the Streets of Trinidad





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