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On this picture you can see a typical supermarket in Trinidad. You can find all necessary things you need for cooking and everyday life. You can see that all of the products are properly installed, you can find, tomato sauce, ketchup, fish, water, noodle. Trinidad is in the province of Sancti Spiritus. If you look on a map of Cuba you will see that the province of Sancti Spiritus is located almost in the middle of Cuba Island. In Sancti Spiritus is found one of the most important mount of Cuba, The Escambray Mountain Range, and the mountain range covers around fifteen percent of Sancti Spiritus. The province has a total land area is over six thousand seven hundred square kilometres. There is in the province a population of over four hundred thousand. The capital city of the province is Sancti Spritus and Trinidad makes part of the main cities of the province. In the province is also found the biggest reservoir made by men hand in Cuba.



Cuba Supermarket in Trinidad





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