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The streets in Trinidad are most of them stones streets as it can be seen on the above picture. The streets have been constructed very long time ago. These cobbled stone streets have been made during the sixteenth century in Trinidad, Cuba. These stone street as shown on the picture are also found in other towns and cities as in the capital city of Cuba, Havana. Trinidad is beautiful to visit when you are in Cuba. Life just goes as it is there, there is no stress. The Cuban like to smoke and enjoy a cigar and just relax or drink a cup of coffee. Seeing women or men smoking cigars all around the city is very famous in Cuba. Trinidad is a city which is popular for the numerous museums it has. The architecture of the buildings is spectacular in Trinidad. There a part of the city of Trinidad where you can discover the old mansions and houses which have been built in the sixteenth, seventh and eighteenth century. It is a real pleasure to visit Trinidad or other cities of Cuba.



Cuba Streets in Trinidad





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