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On this picture you can observe what a rocking chair looks like. There is almost in all Cuban home a rocking chair. Some homes have a rocking chair for each member of the family. It is as a tradition to have a rocking chair at home in Cuba. The rocking chair is also known as rocker. A rocking is very comfortable it balances forwards and backwards, it is also very relaxing as chair. Until now it is not exactly known from where the rocking chair comes from, there has been no clear information about it until nowadays. It seems though that the rocking chair exist since 1725 but was not the same design as today’s rocker. The rocker was used at this period as a garden chair. You will see in Trinidad in front of houses, families sitting in their rocking chairs and relaxing or smoking a cigar. Nowadays there are different styles of rocking chairs which are constructed. In the hotels in Trinidad, Cuba, you will also find rocking chairs on the balconies of the hotel rooms. So just sit in a rocker while being in Cuba and relax and why not smoke a cigar too.



Cuba Rocking Chairs





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