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Here on the above picture you can see some children from a primary school in Trinidad. In the province of Sancti Spiritus, the Jolio Antonio Mella Primary is quite famous primary school. As you can see it on the picture it is a mixed school and they have uniforms on, white shirt and red bottom. The classes in Cuba are from September to July. The kindergarten starts as from the age of four to six years old. They also need to put on uniforms which are usually white shirt and blue bottom. In kindergarten the kids learn a lot about Cuba, they also learn the national anthem and usual things that are taught in kindergarten. As from six years old the children go to the primary schools which are done during six years. After the primary schools there is the basic secondary school which is a program of three years, between twelve and fifteen years old, at the end they receive a certificate. The technical secondary or upper secondary are done during three years as from fifteen years old.



Cuba Primary School in Trinidad





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