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The Plaza de Armas is located in the town of Trinidad. The Plaza de Armas is a well known in Trinidad, which itself a city a lot visited by tourist. Trinidad is a city rich in history. Trinidad in Cuba is very popular for its museums and churches. The largest church of Cuba is located in Trinidad. The town of Trinidad has been founded since 1514. In 1797 there has been a large number of slaves which have been imported to work in the sugar cane plantations and in the factories, there was at this period fifty six sugar mills in the city of Trinidad, that was the reason slaves were imported. While walking in the city of Trinidad visitors will discover mansions which were built long time ago with a magnificent architecture. Trinidad has also beautiful beaches and comfortable hotels. You can take a walk on the white sandy beaches or have a bath in the turquoise sea of Trinidad. On the Ancon beach a popular beach of Trinidad you can have a stay in the luxury Brisas Trinidad del Mar Hotel, a four stars hotel.



Cuba Plaza de Armas





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