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On this picture you can see a small market in Trinidad.  Trinidad is located in the province of Sancti Spiritus which is one of the fourteen provinces of Cuba.  Trinidad as the other cities of Cuba are places where life goes slowly where there is no hurry, no stress. If something is not done today Cuban people will tell that it will be done tomorrow or the day after and may be it will be done two weeks later. You can see on the picture that the market is selling mainly cloth products. Trinidad which has been founded in 1514 by Diego Valazquez is a place very popular in Cuba and very beautiful, considered as the jewel of Cuba it has a lot of museums and nice churches with also the largest cathedral of Cuba. One of the main attraction of Trinidad is an old area of city where are found some of the oldest buildings of Trinidad. There is Trinidad lot of activities that can be done as water sports, deep sea fishing, excursions, and visits in sugar mills or just laying on the sandy beach and relax.



Cuba Market Place in Trinidad





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