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Diego Valezquez de Cuéllar was the founder of Trinidad located in one of the fourteen provinces of Cuba, Sancti Spiritus. Trinidad is a popular city in Cuba and receives a large number of tourists every year. Diego Valezquez de Cuéllar was born in Segovia, Spain in 1465. He was known as a Spanish conquistador. In 1493 Diego Valezquez visited with Christopher Columbus the new world. In 1511 Diego Valezquez settled in Hispaniola, an island in the Antilles and led the conquest of Cuba. He founded on the island some Spanish settlement as Santiago de Cuba, Havana in 1515 and Trinidad in 1514. He has also been the Governor of Cuba. Trinidad is now part of the Unesco World Heritage Site. The largest church of Cuba is also located in Trinidad which is the Cathedral Iglesia Parroquial de la Santisima Trinidad.  Trinidad is also popular for its museums which are a lot visited.



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