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On this picture you can see a cigar factory in the town of Trinidad. Cuba is a country well known for the production of cigars. There is a lot of cigar factories in Cuba, some very popular one are in Havana as Partagas. Cuban cigars are very popular in the world and known to be the best but lot of experts do not agree that the cigars from Cuba are the best. The cigar is made with tobacco plants. It has been found that cigars exist since the tenth century already. All the components needed to make cigars are all found in Cuba including, the tobacco, the wrapper, the filler. The production of the cigars in Cuba is all controlled by the government of Cuba. Cigars are not only produced in Cuba but also in other countries as Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Cameroon, USA, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. In Cuba there are cigars which are produced for the local market and others for exportation. There are some cigars brands which may cost over one thousand dollars one.



Cuba Cigar Factory in Trinidad





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