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This is a picture of the Playa del Este in Cuba. As Cuba is an island, it is surrounded with beautiful beaches as Playa del Este. All along the beaches you can see beautiful palm trees which gives you shadow. Here are some of the beaches well known by the tourist visiting Cuba, Ancon beach, Varadero beach, Esmeralda beach, Santa Lucia beach, Guardelavaca beach and Santa Maria del Mar beach. But there is also in Cuba lot of beaches which are not known to tourists and which are very peaceful and beautiful. If you like traveling around you will for sure find nice peaceful beaches to spend a relaxing time. Cuba is a unique place in the world; life is completely different in this place, the Cuban people are very welcoming. Life is just cool in Cuba, people are relaxed and try not get stressed by anything. So if your next vacation is in Cuba it will be for sure an unforgettable holiday that you will spend.



Cuba View of Playa del Este Beach




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