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This picture has been taken at San Diego in Cuba. This is a picture of a tree in this mountainous region of San Diego de Los Banos. For visitors who like ecotourism, San Diego de Los Banos is one the best place to visit. San Diego is a mountainous area which located between the provinces of Pinar del Rio and Havana. Near SanDiego is found the La Gura National Park where are found lot of birds. San Diego de Los Banos is very nice place near a river, very quiet and pleasant. There are not only tourist visiting the area but the Cuban like also escaping to this relaxing place to spend some time with their family and friends. Cuba is a place which can be visited all year around with its tropical climate. The Cuban people are welcoming, Cuba is place to go and relax. There are a lot of attractions and activities in every city of Cuba as visit the museums and churches.



Cuba Tree at San Diego




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