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This is a picture of the sunset at Bahia de Cochinos. Bahia de Cochinos is located in Cuba, an island in the Caribbean. Bahia de Cochinos is known in English as the Bay of Pigs. The Bay of Pigs is known for the invasion in 1961. In Cuba the Bay of Pigs is also known as the Playa Giron. The invasion was done by the United States but was not successful, the American wanted to overthrow the government of Castro. Fidel Castro is the president of Cuba, but in 2006 the president is not anymore commanding the country because of medical reason, this is temporary it is the brother of Fidel Castro who is at the command. Fidel Castro Ruz was born on the 13 August 1926 and is now eighty years old. Cuba has a lot of interesting towns to be visited; there are in Cuba a large number of historic sites. This island is a quite unique place, all around the island you will find colorful houses. So do not hesitate to visit Cuba for your next vacation.



Cuba Sunset at Bahia de Cochinos




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