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On this picture, taken in Cuba at Playa Ancon you can observe the clouds and the sun in the sky. It is a very beautiful picture as the country of Cuba. The Playa Ancon beach is located in the city of Trinidad which a quite famous city in the province of Sancti Spiritus. The beach of Playa Ancon is not far from the city of Trinidad, it is only twelve kilometers away. The Playa Ancon beach has a length of four kilometers with white sand. The beach of Playa Ancon is lot visited by the tourist visiting Trinidad. There is along the Playa Ancon activities that can be done as scuba diving, swimming, sunning, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, and excursions on yachts. Trinidad is a well known city in Cuba with a spectacular architecture and also very popular for the several museums. The city of Trinidad forms part of UNESCO World Site Heritage. In Trinidad is also found the oldest church of Cuba.



Cuba Clouds and Sun at Playa Ancon




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