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On the picture above you can observe a typical casa in the island of Cuba and in front of this casa two rocking chairs. A casa is a Spanish word used for house. The houses in Cuba are always colourful and very typical to the country. In front of this house found in the city of Cuba, you can see two rocking chairs. The rocking chair is something that is seen a little bit everywhere in Cuba. The rocking chair is like a tradition in Cuba. Rocking chairs are found in almost every house in Cuba Island. Cuba is located in the Caribbean and is a fabulous place to spend great and relaxing holidays. When visiting Cuba, there are a lot of special pictures that can be taken as the other pictures that are seen on this page. Every province and city of Cuba is worth a visit. There are cities as Trinidad located in the province of Sancti Spiritus which has several museums only waiting for your visit.



Cuba Casa and Rocking Chair




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