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Cuba Public Holidays

There are only seven public holidays in socialist Cuba. Despite, Cuba having a majority of its citizens of catholic faith, there is no religious festivals except Christmas; most of them commemorate the struggle of the people towards freedom in the 1959 revolution.

Christmas festival, ‘Natividad’, celebrated on the 25th of December, has been only been re-established as a public holiday after the visit of Pope John Paul in1998.

On the 1st January throughout the world, New Year is a public holiday. In socialist Cuba Liberation day, the ‘Triunfo de la Revolucion,’ is celebrated. This is the day where revolution actually succeeded and Fidel Castro took power. On the 2nd of January is celebrated the anniversary of the Victory of the Armed Forces.
On May 1, the International Labour Day, ‘Dia de los Trabajadores,’ is celebrated in honour to the workers.
The days of Rebelliousness are the 26 and 27 July. For two days, the attack against the Moncada Barracks in Santiago de Cuba, where 160 rebels with as leader Fidel Castro, is commemorated.

On October 10, Independence Day, ‘Dia de la Independencia’, Carlos Manuel Cespedes in 1868, after freeing his slaves, launched the War of Independence against the Spanish empire.

There are also other special occasions where official ceremonies are held in the Republic of Cuba: on 28th January Jose Marti the father of Cuban independence was born; on 19th April American and the Cuban exiles was defeated by the socialist government and its armed forces at Bay of Pigs; on the 30th July, the martyrs of the revolution in 1959 are honoured; on the 12th August the Dictator Machado in 1933 was overthrown and on the 8th October 1967 Che Guevara was the assassinated.





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