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With a population of Population 11, 270, 000 over an area 110, 860 sq. km., Cuba, has less than 2% or 112,700 of its population connected to the web. The World Wide Web which should be accessible to all citizens is restricted in the Republic of Cuba.

Controlled and monitored by the Ministry of Interior, there is no internet freedom in Cuba. Only civil servants and governmental journalists have access to the global network. This means that Cubans have no internet connection in their private houses or property and have to go to cyber café, public access points or libraries to be connected.


But prior to this, the Cuban must have an official permission from the state this after filling an application form and waiting for approval while dissidents to the revolution are simply denied to the network. Tourists and foreigners may be connected in the hotels. Internet is used in Cuba to promote tourism and trade and also to inform the world about the success of the revolution.

According to 2002 statistics, the personal computer per 1000 inhabitant is 10.7 and the cost of internet services is expensive and unaffordable for the Cuban citizen. This also limits the internet access. However, in Cuba, there is also an Underground Internet that is connecting the world to this country. A freedom window where unrestricted access to new data and information, the internet may hold in check the Cuban regime and act as a counter revolution material.

The servers in Cuba Citmatel, CenaInternet and Infocom are state controlled. The socialist government of Cuba see the internet as a threat to the state national security.

Only ‘tu Isla’ meaning ‘the island’ is allowed to Cuban nationals connecting them to the state television and radio online programs as well as screened downloaded pages that vehicle the communist adherence to the party and its political ideology. ‘Tu Isla’ is an intranet, in Spanish, used to track down every Cuban citizen. Emails act as spy, no subversive conversations are allowed on message boards and subversive words are alerts signs for the cyber police.

Advanced technologies are used by the Cuban State to control its population. Self censorship is also practiced as surfing to protest and subversive sites/words according to the state ideology may lead to imprisonment.

By December 2006, sixty people were imprisoned for posting subversive material on the World Wide Web.





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