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Cuba Old Cars

In the 1950’s many classic American cars flooded in the Cuban streets. Built in limited quantities and very expensive the cars were synonym of wealth and social status in the country.


Cuba rated itself in a good position in Latin America having 76% of literacy rate and third best income per capita. In these times, monoculture like sugar cane brought in foreign currency in the Cuban economy together with the tourism sector booming as well as the investment and interest of the American in the country. Cadillac, Chevrolet or Chevy and Ford represented a nation that enjoyed a high standard of living. Indeed, families were happy and proud to go out on Sundays to picnics and the youth to show off in their shining cars. However, this situation changed in 1959 with the end of Batista era and the establishment of a socialist Cuba by Fidel Castro.


The trade embargo imposed by the American prevented the imports of the spare parts of the classic cars. Haven’t it not been the genius of the Cuban engineers, mechanics and artisans together all the cars would have ended in the dumping zone in down town Cuba. Today, the classic cars are still on the Cuban roads shining and in bright colours being used as taxies or for special occasions like weddings in secular Cuba. Walking on Cuban streets is like stepping in the ‘Salon de l’Automobile’ in the big European or America cities with the exception that the cars are not in the hands of collectors but in those of workers in their earning a living.





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