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Vinales Valley found in the Province of Pinar del Rio is the most beautiful area of Cuba. Its beautiful scenery, its magical atmosphere and stunning landscapes are an invitation for all who love nature. Vinales Valley, known as Vale de Viñales in Spanish, part of the Sierra de los Organos in the Province of Pinar del Rio, has a surface area of 132 square kilometers. With its ‘mogotes’ and knolls with rounded tops and steep slopes, it offers a contrasting view with the flats surfaces of the valley filled with luxuriant vegetation. The Cuban flora and fauna abounds in the Vinales Valley. Endemic plants like the ceibon (the bombax emarghinatom), palmita de sierra (Thrinax Microcarpa), cayman oak (Ekmanianthes actinophylla), and a type of palm tree (Mycrocycas calocoma) are found. The trees are the habitat of many animals specially birds like the hummingbirds, the Cuban trogon (Priotelus temnurus), the tody (Todus multicolor), the mockingbird (the Cuban solitaire) and a small paserine bird which lives in the pinewoods. Deep in the valley, tobacco the lifeblood of the Vinales Valley is grown with traditional techniques. The pheasant working in the fields with the cattle, the casas scattered in the valley gives us a breathtaking view of rural life in the Cuba.



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