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In the western tip of the Cuba, in the Province of Pinar del Rio in the central north, lies the Vinales City. Vinales is a small home town of approximately 28,000 inhabitants. Vinales City is one of the most beautiful and most quiet places to live in Cuba. Its first settlers were the taino, then came the slaves and afterwards the tobacco growers. Nestled in the valley of Vinales with the overlooking mountain ranges of the Cordillera de Guaniguanico, the Sierra de los Órganos, Vinales is the land of abundance with its fertile soil and green pastures. The paradisiacal landscapes of this part of rural Cuba are an invitation to a dreamed life. Much fresh foods are available to the population who live mainly on agriculture and fishing. Fruits, vegetable, taro and tobacco are grown with traditional methods by the farmers. In this little community, mostly one storey houses, made of wood, border the road of Vinales. With their roofed tops of different colors and their porches, the dwellings of the inhabitants remain a peaceful haven. In Vinales City, all seemed untouched through the tides of times in the life of these people who have remained so close to nature.



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