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Perched over part of the Sierra de los Organos in the north-central Province of Pinar del Rio, in western Cuba, on the rounded tops mountains, a spectacular view stretches far away in the distance. A landscape of 132 square kilometers is sheltered with green pastures and luxuriant vegetation of a rare beauty. The pines, the numerous palm trees, and the shrubs from the Jurassic era rustle reassuringly while giving much shade to the people who want to go camping or picnicking. Here and there, the landforms and limestone caves remind us of the history of this blessed land. Scattered in this picturesque scenery are red roofed tops of the peasant’s houses with their smokes showing the presence of man. The rounded top mountain the ‘mojotes’ and knolls looms over the Vinales Valley, they stand as the friendly guardians of the valley. At night, the shimmering lights of the human habitations are like the stars guiding the way of the lost stroller.  The passerine in the pine trees singing completes this harmonious picture of stillness in the Vinales valley. An impressive peacefulness fills the heart of every one who admires this incredible view over the Vinales Valley.



Cuba View on Vinales Valley





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