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Anyone who wants to go in the heart of Las Terrazas, , to the discovery of the inland beauties of the western province of Pinar del Rio can only get immersed in the local region through the roads. Following the rural serpentine roads, bring one to the very essence of the nature of Cuba. The clear vast blue sky, in connivance with the mountain range, is a pure invitation to go deeper in the heart of the province. Palm trees and other tropical plants pay a tribute to every visitor by welcoming them on both sides of the road. Daring to venture deeper in the green lush vegetation proves to be an adventurous journey, all of which can be rich in return. The perfect way to visit these is a trip in a 4 by 4 to feel the sunrays on one’s skin and at the same time the refreshing wind caressing one’s face.



Cuba Road and Blue Sky





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