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Under a canopy of palm trees, the Pray Area is an invitation to retreat from the outer world… At crossroads, Cuba has come under the influence of many cultures namely Europe, Africa, North America and the Amerindian. The population made up of  Roman Catholics, Protestants, Jehovah's Witnesses, Jews, Muslims, Baptists and ‘Santerķa’ who have been denied of their rights to religious practice under the socialist rule  is now awakening since it has become a secular state. But still there is no open Pray Area in Cuba. Congregations of different faiths can only hold their meetings in houses or churches. The Pray area is the centre of life in Cuba where young and old come every Sunday to celebrate the Eucharistie and thanking Mother Nature after a week’s working on the sugar and tobacco plantations. Long ago in Cuba, with the music and dance, a cubanized form of Catholicism had been created by the missionaries, the colonialist spaniards and the slaves. This Cuban Catholicism blends Christian and West African beliefs, values, traditions and norms thus enabling its followers  to accept  their traditional beliefs while being Catholic.The Pray Area amidst the lush vegetation reveals all the importance nature bears to the Cuban culture.



Cuba Pray Area





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