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The Province of Pinar del Rio is found in the western part of Cuba. The province is two hours drive from Havana, the capital of Cuba. Of a surface area of 10904 km², the Province of Pinar del Rio shelters the most beautiful landscapes in the island. The three low mountain ranges found on its dominion namely; the Cordillera de Guaniguanico, by the east the Sierra del Rosario (699m) and the western chain Sierra de los Organos (617m) overhang limestones cones and flat green valleys. The soil of various shades of red and sandy at other places is fertile. Its inhabitants are called the Pinareños. Scattered across the  lush countryside of the province, houses roofed with overlaid and woven royal palm leaves and framed with palm wood, the ‘Bohios’ are the dwellings of the peasants. Tobacco farming and tourism play an important role in the Province of Pinar del Rio economy.   Cuba, famous worldwide for its cigars, harvest 70 % of its tobacco production in the Province of Pinar del Rio! On the flat arable lands of San Juan y Martínez, a municipality of the Province of Pinar del Rio, the tobacco of its most expensive brand are grown.



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