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The numerous palm trees of Las Terrazas in the Province of Pinar del Rio, in the western tip of Cuba form a forest of palm trees. Standing aloof and proud, the palms trees with their long bark and large green leaves, seem majestically untouched. It is a paradise for those who love nature. The wild lush palm tree forest is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Cuba. Overwhelmed by a wide variety of animals too, specially humming birds, no one can resist the charm of the tropical Cuban palm forest. The traveller who sits down under its shade catches the spirit of the place. This enchanting atmosphere transcends the mind of those living in harmony with Dame Nature. Once caught in the serenity of the scene, one is lulled by the sweet chirping of the birds, among others the Cuban tody, the Cuban trogon as well as the Cuban solitaire. The rustling sound of the wind in the large leaves contributes to the peacefulness of forest. The palm trees having conquered the gentle slopes of the hill are now trying to reach out for the sky. This breathtaking scene is an invitation to a voyage for all the visitors of Cuban delights.



Cuba Palm Trees in Las Terrazas





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