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The mountain ranges of the Sierra del Rosario in the far east of Cordillera de Guaniguanico, provide a peaceful enclave to Las Terrazas village in the western uplands of Cuba. With its highest point of 563 meters above sea level, the El Salon Mountain from its top overlooks the fertile valleys, lakes, rivers, streams and emerald blue waters of the lagoon. The dwindling steeply sloping areas are the breeding ground of shrubs grasslands and thorny bushes. The mountain chain in Las Terrazas at other parts is covered with a tropical forest of rich biodiversity. Trees of 35 meters high build up a thick canopy and nest the many colorful birds of Cuba. It is also the home ground of endemic animals the bats, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects of the island. The most important river, the Los Banos del San Juan, takes its source 160 meters above sea level in the Sierra del Rosario. The sparkling streams meet for a picturesque waterfall inviting for a refreshing shower with a delicate rock pool for a thermal bath. The population of Las Terrazas, of approximately 1000 inhabitants, sustain themselves by being the guardians of the forest and ecotourism.



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