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Las Terrazas Forest Reserve is located in Sierra del Rosario, one of Cuba's mountain range in the western Province of Pinar del Rio, Cuba. Las Terrazas is named after its lots of terraces full of pine trees. The inhabitants of Las Terrazas earn their living by looking after the forest and ecotourism.  Las Terrazas Forest Reserve is most famous for its rich biodiversity where Cuban endemic plants like the carobs, the almacigos, the yagrumas, the pomarrosas, the pines and trees, 40 meters high, abound. There are also many fruit trees like the mango, the guayaba and the white anona. The scent of flowers namely: the orchids (over 100 documented species), the mariposa (National flower of Cuba) and the flower of mullein invade the nostrils as one enters the lush vegetation. Walking under the canopy of the Las Terrazas Forest Reserve, a melodious symphony of sounds of the hummingbirds can be heard. The tropical forest of Las Terrazas is the habitat of various bird species: the tocororo (Cuban Trogon - National bird of Cuba), the nightingale, the goatheard (Spindalis Zena), the Cartacuba, the Zunzun (Cuban Emerald) or Colibri, the Sabanero, the Pitirre (Kingbird), the Chinchilla and the trush. Bird watching is a must in this area where landscapes of breathtaking beauty can be admired and about twenty species of migratory birds a stop over in the winter season. Environmental friendly architecture complements this picturesque enclave of Las Terrazas, Sierra del Rosario.



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