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The forest of Las Terrazas in the western part of Cuba, 60 km of Havana, is named after its many terraces of planted pine trees to lessen the impact erosion in this part of the country. Recreating the original forest, the endemic plants came back to life. Under the thick canopy of endemic trees namely; the carobs, the almacigos, the yagrumas, the pomarrosas, the pines even the fruit trees like the mango, the guayaba and the white anona, visitors hear the melodious symphony of the hummingbirds endemic to the island. The tocororo (Cuban Trogon - National bird of Cuba), the nightingale, the goatheard (Spindalis Zena), the Cartacuba, the Zunzun (Cuban Emerald) or Colibri, the Sabanero, the Pitirre (Kingbird), the Chinchilla and the trush are the pride of the Cuban biodiversity. The scent of flowers namely the orchids (over 100-recorded varieties), the mariposa (National flower of Cuba) and the flower of mullein gives off a feeling of great serenity. There are also living in the tropical forest 30% of endemic vertebrates for instance bats, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects. The community of Las Terrazas maintained the state of the forest and children from their early age learn how to maintain the ecosystem in this particular place.



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