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Las Terrazas in the Province of Pinar del Rio in Cuba is famous for its beautiful sites. Las Terrazas, situated 50 km from Havana, capital of Cuba and 70 km from the capital city of the province conceals natural scenes of exceptional beauty making it a special place to see. Here, the lake with the mountain range of Sierra del Rosario as serene background attracts nature lovers. The setting calm and refreshing is the perfect place for a retreat in harmony with Mother Nature. The trekking paths, the picnic areas with enough space for children to play, the dwindling road around the lakes as well as the environment friendly architecture, all blend to make one with the ‘evergreen’ forest. A walk around the lake brings one in contact with the wild rich fauna and flora of Las Terrazas. Swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Las Terrazas Lake is a pleasure while boating in the canoe brings a lot of enjoyment. By the Las Terrazas Lake, the mind, the body and the spirit rejuvenate. In communion with nature, the eyes, the ears and the nose awaken to capture the magical atmosphere, scents and landscapes of majestic beauty.



Cuba Lake at Las Terrazas





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