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Long ago, Casas in Las Terrazas were scattered in the countryside. Made up of thatched palm trees and palm woods as frames, theses habitations were fragile when exposed to tropical cyclones and hurricanes that often visit the island. To eradicate poverty and enhance the quality of life of peasants, a development program was launched in 1968 by the government. A village was built with the necessary amenities for a better life of the community like schools and health care. Eco tourism reforestation, craft and subsistence farming are the main activities of the villagers. The returns of their produce for example crafts of tourism are shared in a ratio 4 to 6 between them and the community respectively. The fund generated is used towards the financing for the community welfare and expenses. Nowadays, Casas with triangular roofs of iron sheets and concrete houses withstand cyclones of different intensity. In these habitations, modern living and ancestral tradition cohabit with in the background the majestic palm trees. The lush vegetation around the casas in Las Terrazas reminds us of the culture and ancestral way of living of the ‘taino’ still part of this upland community.



Cuba Casa in Las Tarrazas





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