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Only 90 kilometers off the coast of Florida, Cuba is a success story in sustainable agriculture. There are five main periods of agriculture in Cuba: pre-colonial, colonial, Neo-colonial, socialist and secular era. Labour and capital intensive monoculture prevailed in agriculture under revolutionary Cuba.  With the fall of the Eastern block in the 1990’s, Cuba had to review its agricultural policy. Cuba had then to face a new challenge: the need to put forward an agricultural plan that would double food production in order to feed its population without the extensive use of machinery and chemical pesticides. An ecological agriculture with less resort to fertilizers and chemicals was introduced. At first a few farms started this ecological experience. They used traditional farming techniques, pasture and crop rotations, polyculture instead of monoculture, soil conservation, organic soil amendments and biological pest control. When it proved to be successful and increased the yield, it was spread to the whole island. Bio pesticides, bio fertilizers and green manure are now a reality in Las Terrazas in the province of Pinar del Rio, Cuba.



Cuba Agriculture in Las Tarrazas





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