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Cuban mass media exist since1782, therefore journalists too. Cuban journalism maintained high quality standards in the 1940s and 1950s. Though they were supported by the state financial by subsidies Diario de la Marina, El Mundo and Información matched international standards.

Journalists were graduates and followed training program of four years funded by the government. They even had a Journalists' Association. The latter worked for the safeguarding ethics and applying disciplinary measures in order to maintain the quality and standards of the profession. Journalists in Machado’s and Batista’s eras weren’t free because of state’s subsidies which run the businesses. Some pr-governmental journalist payroll even came from the state. Only Prensa Libre’s and The Times of Havana’s journalists were independent and free analysts by meeting their expenses.

With the 1959 revolution, many journalists/analysts of the Cuban press escaped Cuba, its communist regime and persecution. They were perceived by the state as terrorists and serving capitalist interests from the state and others from underground Cuba, the Cuban exiles as well as the outside world they were in fact freedom fighters; this depending of their point of views and political affiliations. Harassed by the governmental police or assigned to residence or even imprisoned, according to liberticidal laws enforced by the regime, journalists have been and are through difficult time in socialist Cuba.

Regimented by state agencies of the Communist Party, the Agencia de Información Nacional and Prensa Latina, since the dawn of the revolution, independent analysts have been muzzled and prevented Cuba to move forward. Out of 15,000 journalists, only some match international standards.
In the 1990, a group of independent journalists opposing the government policy has been fighting for a free press. Imprisoned, they are deprived of ill-treated they are not provided with adequate sanitary facilities and are subjected to solitary confined.

There are about a hundred journalists writing articles for the international press informing Cuban exiles about what is going on here, on the Cuban soil. This is accepted by the Cuban regime as far as it is not release to Cuban citizens in the homeland. By limiting information, the Cuban regime controls and monitors the behavior of Cubans and indoctrinates them.
The articles are released online and as surfing is not allowed except through special, permission of some selected few and inaccessible for Cuban nationals; auto-censorship is also practiced out of fear of imprisonment of readers.

In March 2003, 21 journalists were imprisoned. Seven journalists among them Carlos Brizuela were released in December 2004. But still in 2005, there were still the movement of Reporters without Borders campaigning for the release of the Cuban journalists.
Since the 1959 revolution, more four decades from flourishing press has been transformed in a poor muzzled press.





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