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Country name: Republic of Cuba usually called Cuba.


Location: Cuba is an island in the Caribbean between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean.


President: Fidel Castro Ruz.


Population: 11,382,820.


Total area: 110,860 km sq.


Coastline: 3,735km.


Nationality: Cuban.


Language: Spanish.


Capital: Havana.


Flag of Cuba: The flag of Cuba has three colours, red, blue and white. On the left side of the flag is an equilateral triangle which is red with a white five pointed star in the middle and five equal blue bands horizontal at the, centre and bottom and in-between white bands.


Government type: Communist.


Currency: Cuban Peso-CUP.


Independence Day: 20 May 1902.


Religion: Over eighty percent are Roman Catholic.


Provinces: Cuba has fourteen provinces: Las Tunas, Camaguey, Matanzas,  Ciego de Avila, Cienfuegos, , Villa Clara, Ciudad de La Habana, Holguin, Granma, Sancti Spiritus, Guantanamo, La Habana, Pinar del Rio, Santiago de Cuba and one special municipality: Isla de la Juventud.


Internet users: 190,000


Internet country code: .cu


Electricity: Electricity in Cuba is 110 volts but most accommodations, hotels and resorts have 220 volts.


Political parties: Only one party exist in Cuba, the Cuban Communist Party.


Judicial branch: Tribunal Supremo Popular.


Legal System: The system is based on Spanish and American law with Communist legal theory integrated.


Ports and Terminals of Cuba: Havana, Matanzas and Cienguegos.


Literacy rate: over 90%.




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