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On the picture you can see a factory of cigars located in Havana. Th Real Fabricas de Tobaco has been founded by Don Jaime Partages who himself has been working for many years in the Cuban Tobacco business. The factory has been established in 1845 on 60 Industria Street in Havana, Cuba. At this period Don Jaime Partages had the best plantations of tobacco in the Vuelta Abajo. Some years later Don Jaime was killed on one of his plantations. It is said that he has been by one of his rival because of jealousy in a love affair. Jose Partages, the son of Don Jaime Partages ran the business after his father’s death. But the factory of cigars and its make name was afterwards sold to Jose Bance. In 1900 Jose Bance sold the factory to the company Cifuentes, Fernandez y Cia. Later on Don Fernandez left the company and Ramon Cifuentes Llano formed a new firm with Francisco Pego Pita. In 1938 Cifuentes passed away and two years Francisco Pego also died. And the family from Cifuentes were left alone with the whole company as the family of Pego did not ask for their part. The firm was renamed Cifuentes y Cia and in 1954 they bought the brands Bolivar and La Glorias Habana. They became in 1958 the second largest cigar exporter in Cuba.



Cuba Havana Cigar Factory Partagas


Cuba Havana


Cuba Havana


Havana El Capitolio


El Capitolio


Havana Castillo de Los Tres Reyes Magos Del Morro


 Castillo de Los Tres


Havana Catedral de San Cristobal de La Habana


 Cristobal de La Habana


Havana Chinatown Barrio Chino


Chinatown Barrio Chino


Havana Cigar


Havana Cigar


Havana Cigar Factory Partagas


Cigar Factory Partagas


Havana Cuban Flag


Cuban Flag


Havana Club


Havana Club


Havana Girl


Havana Girl


Havana Hotel


Havana Hotel


Havana Tour


Havana Tour


Havana Plaza de la Catedral

Plaza de la Catedral


Havana Teatro Garcia Lorca

Teatro Garcia Lorca


Havana Castillo de la Fuerza

Castillo de la Fuerza







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