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Castillo de los tres reyes magos del morro also known as the Morro Castle is a fortress located at the entrance of Havana Bay in Havana, Cuba. The Morro Castle has been designed by an Italian, Juan Bautista Antonelli. Cuba was still under the Spanish control when the Castillo de los tres reyes magos del morro was built, it was in 1589. The name of the fortress was given after the biblical Magi. In the tradition of Christian the Magi are Zoroastrian priest who also known as The Three Kings or the Three Wise Men. In 1762 the Morro Castle was captured by the British. The fortress was built to protect the mouth of the harbour, El Morro. The first attack to the Castle Morro was in 1792 by Lord Albermarle and he attacked the fortress from behind which allowed him more easily to take possession of the fort. The lighthouse which stands there was constructed later, in 1845. El Morro has also been once a lighthouse keepers’ school. Nowadays the cannons which are found around the fortress are in bad condition and rusted. From the outside the fortress does not look as big as it is from the inside. There is also inside an exhibition of Cuban lighthouses.



Cuba Havana Castillo de los tres Reyes Magos del Morro


Cuba Havana


Cuba Havana


Havana El Capitolio


El Capitolio


Havana Castillo de Los Tres Reyes Magos Del Morro


 Castillo de Los Tres


Havana Catedral de San Cristobal de La Habana


 Cristobal de La Habana


Havana Chinatown Barrio Chino


Chinatown Barrio Chino


Havana Cigar


Havana Cigar


Havana Cigar Factory Partagas


Cigar Factory Partagas


Havana Cuban Flag


Cuban Flag


Havana Club


Havana Club


Havana Girl


Havana Girl


Havana Hotel


Havana Hotel


Havana Tour


Havana Tour


Havana Plaza de la Catedral

Plaza de la Catedral


Havana Teatro Garcia Lorca

Teatro Garcia Lorca


Havana Castillo de la Fuerza

Castillo de la Fuerza







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