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Geography of Cuba

Cuba is a big island which is located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. By land area, Cuba is considered as the sixteenth largest island in the world. The official name of Cuba is the Republic of Cuba. The total land area of Cuba is over one hundred and ten thousand square kilometres. The geographic coordinates of Cuba is 213N, 8000W. The coastline of Cuba is over three thousand and seven hundred kilometers. Cuba is an island which is a little smaller than the state Pennsylvania in US. The island of Cuba is not so wide, it is thirty five kilometers at its widest point and the length is one thousand one hundred and ninety nine kilometers. The largest island which surrounds Cuba is Isla de la Juventud with and area of a little over three thousand square kilometers.

Map of Cuba

In the Caribbean Cuba is the largest island that exists. Cuba has fourteen provinces which are Las Tunas, Pinar del Rio, Villa Clara, Guantanamo, Camaguey, Sancti Spiritus, Granma, Ciudad de La Habana, Holguin, Ciego de Avila, La Habana, Matanzas, Santiago de Cuba, Matanzas, Cienfuegos,Cuba is an island which is quite mountainous in the south eastern part.

The highest point in Cuba is Pico Turquino which is over two thousand meters from sea level and its lowest level is at zero meters which is the Caribbean Sea. Usually the climate in Cuba is tropical which is moderated by trade winds. Between May and October it is the rainy season in Cuba and the dry sea season is between November and April. During the dry season Cuba is often hit by strong hurricanes.

Cuba is a country that can be visited all year around. In the past Cuba was an island which covered with forest but a lot of these areas have been cleared for the plantation of sugar cane or tobacco. Cuba has also natural resources as salt, timber, petroleum, cobalt, manganese, ore, copper and iron. The official language in Cuba is Spanish. The president of Cuba is Fidel Castro who passed his power to his brother temporarily in 2006 because of medical problems.




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