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Cuba de Ayer

From 1550 to 1914 Spanish coins were used the ‘fuerte’. During the Independence war, Spain through Banco Espanol issued Paper money while during American occupation the USD were the official currency in the eastern part of Cuba where as the western region continued to use the Spanish gold and silver coins and USD. On October 29, 1914 the Cuban currency came on the market: the first Cuban gold coin.


It was similar to USD ones. After three years, the Spanish coins were all removed of the market whereas the USD continued to circulate. Stepping in the Cuba de ayer restaurant, one plunges in old Cuba. As its name, ‘ayer’, suggests, the Cuba of ‘yesterday’ or ‘the good old days’. A free Cuba is reminiscent in Cuba de ayer. Photos of the pre-revolutionary Cuba, the antique cars and the colonial architectures amongst others, bring back to memories the old good times before the 1959 revolution. The welcoming atmosphere, the warmth, the flavors, the smells of the various spices remind us of our Cuban grandma’s cuisine as one enters Cuba de ayer restaurant; Grandma’s cuisine in rural Cuban where the food served has a home made touch and invite the happy customers to renew their Cuban experience in Burtonsville in the heart of Washington.

Opened in June 2005, the cuisine at Cuba de ayer has neither Caribbean nor ‘criollo’ or Creole. It has a Spanish influence. As Cuban food is highly seasoned but not spicy as in other Latin American cuisine, a variety of sauces for example garlic sauce or criollo sauce is available on request to the tasting of the customers. In this restaurant, old family traditional dishes are cooked and served in a home style fashion for the Hispanic/Cuban population. Lunching or dinning at Cuba de ayer make the Cubans natives feel homesick of their happy days of the free Cuba.

A variety of dishes are available for different occasions ranging to a christenings, birthdays, candlelight romantic dinner as well as business lunch in Cuba de ayer and this for all ages. The appetizers, the soup, the salad, the side orders, the dessert all make the happiness one and all.

As starters, the ‘Lechon asado’ is highly recommended, the pork shoulder marinated in a ‘mojo criollo’ sauce accompanied with sautéed onions is very delicious and invites the fin gourmet to enter the Cuban cuisine and taste all their specialities. The Ropa vieja or ‘ old clothes’ which is beef cooked with sweet peppers, onions and garlic is a must as the meat is so tender that it shreds off when in the mouth.

Cuba de ayer is also synonym of quick efficient service, good food in an adequate portion at a reasonable price. It is a must for all lovers of first choice traditional Cuban food. Opened for dinner, all days except Monday, Cuba de ayer, a family-run restaurant with the owners having strong ties with the homeland though American born is worth the detour for gourmet of the Cuban cuisine and food.





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